Half way there…

Hey there all you people who are awaiting book three of the Arina Perry Series. I have a little news. I am half way through the first draft and pickin’ up speed!


It’s a brand new story to the series and promised to keep you riveted as Arina and Matt meet more trouble when they dive headlong into dark and very dangerous waters, with no clue how far into the unseen terror they’re travelling.

Even when writing this I cant believe how they will cope with the rising threat looming over them.  This is the last book in this series ( I think) so will they survive? Or will they live happily ever after?

As the brand new thriller progresses to the finishing line I will update you for pre-orders. In the meantime sit tight!

If you would like  a preview of the first few chapters (draft only) to read free. Visit this link. Naturally a review will be awesome! A review tells me and other potential readers what you thought of the preview and if you would like, love, hate to read more when the novel is released.


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