About Me

My life began in Holland, I migrated with my family (Parents, two bigger brothers and a little sister- all since deceased) to Australia in 1959 when I was 6 years old and I’ve lived in Australia ever since, virtually cut off from all family in Holland. I have three very amazing children and from them six awesome grandchildren. I am very proud of my family, love them all very much  and cherish the love they have for me.

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Well I didn’t expect you to read this far, but since you have I’ll tell you a little more about me. I’m not what you might call, well educated. I left school at age 14 to go and work as a check-out-chick in a small supermarket, walking distance form home. I earned $11.19 a week and gave my mother $10.00 every week out of that. The remaining $1.19 went towards buying my stockings for work the type you had to wear a suspender belt…back then before pantyhose were invented. I saved the left over cents and in a little over a year I had a whole $29.62 I  never bought anything  luxurious for myself like cream cakes. So from that you may glean I come from a rather poor background, yes we were strugglers like most Australians but we got by and survived with developed skills in frugality, making do and no whinging about it. Yes we missed out on many meals, but we learned that you didn’t actually need 3 meals a day to survive.   I was the only girl in first year high school (My highest grade) who didn’t have a school uniform in a strictly uniform policy school, yes I was bullied at times, but I learned about compassion and humility when the school opted to buy my uniform for me. Then my glasses because I couldn’t read the blackboard even from the front of the class. Oh my! The day I received my new glasses? What an eye opener day that was! Yes literally! I had no idea my sight was so bad and the glory, joy and elation in being able to see the grit on the roads, be able to read the road signs and even see the number plates on cars if I wanted to as I rode my bike home that day will never leave me. My whole world changed in an instant.

ABOUT MY BOOKS. My passion…

I have recently written and self-published my first novel. (November 2015- that’s til recent according to my age) I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It’s a buzz to create people, (characters) and plots. Adding twists, turns, red-herrings, adding a few sticky situations then throwing in a murder or two here and there..I got so excited once after a brief ‘writers block’ to come up with a way of escape from an almost impossible situation that some would have said, should they have witnessed my excitement, to get a life, but you know what? Writing has become my life and I love it. I jigged around the kitchen table for about 4 laps before I could compose myself. For me that moment told me I could write. It didn’t tell me others would necessarily want to read it though. That was to become my next aim in life. Something I strive for every day.

While writing my first novel I  asked two people to read it for me. It was  very hard giving my work over for the first time. It felt like handing over your baby for someone to test for viability of life! It was scary let me tell you!  But the encouragement I received was what spurred me on. I went on to publish it as an Indie Author ( Independant Author) to Amazon. When I heard and read a few people saying things like they wanted to read more, it inspired me to write the sequel. I feel that this second book Her Fathers Daughter is even better. My protagonist is settled in her relationship and she has grown from her experiences in The Sins of Our Mothers. I hope my readers enjoy both of the books and will let me know.

I am plotting a third book to this sequel and as far as I have it in my mind it will be another suspense filled read. Stay tuned! It will be published in 2017