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Have you ever taken a stroll on a summer’s eve and chanced to glance into someone’s window? Maybe there were people inside and maybe not but, either way, it was a glimpse into another world, and perhaps it caused you to pause long enough to wonder what those lives were like. Yes, I know that most will pull their gaze guiltily away for fear of invading another’s privacy but some of us don’t. Some of us are curious bold-faced observers of the human condition and reality is a thousand times better than TV. And who are we harming, anyway?

We humans can be fascinating creatures and we love to see how others live, even speculate on how those lives may differ from our own. Are our neighbors happy or miserable, richer or poorer? Do they keep secrets, delicious, dangerous secrets? Chances are, whatever we speculate is wrong because people are both more ordinary and far more complex than we can ever imagine. Looking through a window only scratches the surface.

Now, supposing you are a person with a craving for high places, specifically mountains in nature and, maybe in the urban world, roofs. Supposing that your only way to think, to relax, is to literally get away from it all by climbing up into those nether regions far above where you can breathe and just be. Nobody will bother you up there, nobody will even try. Yes, you are an introvert but also a searcher and a risk-taker. You are not easily daunted. So, when it seems that your predilection can provide valuable information to solve one crime and stop another, while simultaneously putting your grieving aunt’s mind to rest, what do you do?

You jump.

Meet Jenna Elson. In my new suspense series None of the Above, you will meet a woman driven by love and her own inner desires to do what is wrong for all the right reasons.  In Downside Up, book one, you will find out that scratching the surface of others’ lives is one thing, but crashing through those walls of illusion is something altogether more … deadly.

Downside Up is coming later this month.


Feeling proud…and excited

Notice anything different or new on the book cover? I’ve been working hard re-editing this book to produce version 2 and it earned a Quality Mark. Not a bronze or silver Quality Mark seal of approval but a GOLD Quality Mark!   AND THAT”S NOT ALL!  I also received an amazing review from NY Literary Magazine. Want to see it?

“The Sins of Our Mothers” is an absolutely spectacular, thoroughly engrossing novel. Boyes is a born storyteller and a fantastic writer.  

A unique, intriguing plot combined with masterful pacing, exciting suspense, romance, and strong characterization makes this book stand out

Readers will be captivated from the start and eagerly await Boyes’s next novel. Five-stars!”NY Literary Magazine


Gold Quality Mark

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Half way there…

Hey there all you people who are awaiting book three of the Arina Perry Series. I have a little news. I am half way through the first draft and pickin’ up speed!


It’s a brand new story to the series and promised to keep you riveted as Arina and Matt meet more trouble when they dive headlong into dark and very dangerous waters, with no clue how far into the unseen terror they’re travelling.

Even when writing this I cant believe how they will cope with the rising threat looming over them.  This is the last book in this series ( I think) so will they survive? Or will they live happily ever after?

As the brand new thriller progresses to the finishing line I will update you for pre-orders. In the meantime sit tight!

If you would like  a preview of the first few chapters (draft only) to read free. Visit this link. Naturally a review will be awesome! A review tells me and other potential readers what you thought of the preview and if you would like, love, hate to read more when the novel is released.