Her Father’s Daughter


A Missing 17-year-old girl – A young man’s body found
Her Fathers Daughter 

Mystery Suspense– Set on the coast of Western Australia.

HER FATHER”S DAUGHTER – Book two of the Arina Perry Series

Arina, newly engaged, learns Rebecca a 17-year-old girl is missing. The hunt for her begins, leading Arina and Matt headlong into dark and dangerous waters.

They discover there’s more mystery attached to this missing girl than first meets their eyes and as they delve into her disappearance they uncover far more than they bargained for.
A body is found. The murder of a young man sparks rising fear and urgency in finding Rebecca alive. The clock is ticking for her safe return.

Ominous sublime threats cause Arina and Matt to fight desperately for their survival. They find out an unknown and dangerous enemy thinks nothing of murder in getting even.

Will they find Rebecca? Who wants them dead? And why?

Buy it now and find out.

Available wherever you normally buy your e-books – Like at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Smashwords.

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