Her Mother’s Sins


My debut novel Her Mother’s Sins was first published in November of 2015 as The Sins of our Mothers and has since undergone a change to the cover to better reflect the mystery, suspense and the romance that this book depicts. My hope is that you’ll enjoy this novel and if you feel like some readers did, that you want more, for instance,  you might like to read book two ‘Her Fathers Daughter’ that is a sequel to this series entitled the ‘Arina Perry Series’ published in 2016. Book three Her Brother’s Keeper will be out late 2017. Stay tuned.

‘Her Mother’s Sins is available as an e-book at Amazon  You can also download your copy from here.

HER MOTHER’S SINS – book one of the Arina Perry Series 

Romantic suspense/ Mystery-thriller 

A NEW LOVE – AN ULTIMATE DECEIT – Watch the teaser here

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Her Mother’s Sins


Sure of her mothers’ innocence, Arina is determined to quell the ugly rumours surrounding her and restore the family name in the small town where she was born as well as restoring her recently inherited historic motel.

Not being aware of a disturbing plot, that could eventually kill her, Arina leaves her city lifestyle to set things right in her home town and meets a striking stranger along the way.

Deceit and betrayal are eventually brought to her attention as she discovers sinister revelations about the motel itself. There are secrets there that a few are willing to do anything to get their hands on… including murder.



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