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Available wherever you normally buy your e-books.

The Sins of our Mothers Paper Back is  available at Amazon.

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 Romantic mystery suspense – Set on the coast of  Western Australia

BOOK ONE of the Arina Perry Series

Arina returns from the city to a town she fears hates her. Her mother’s secrets have become vicious rumours and Arina is determined to quell them coupled with a vision to restore her inherited motel.

She meets Matt, a handsome stranger on her journey, and falls in love. But it’s not easy facing lies, secrets and an ultimate deceit. She can’t tell who her enemies are from her family and friends. But she finds out. The hard way.
The old motel holds its own secrets including a deep dark cellar in the gardeners’ flat that reveals another darker, more sinister secret; a secret that a few are willing to do anything to get their hands on. Including murder.

 Both books in paperback too!


Romantic thriller – Set on the coast of  Western Australia

BOOK TWO of the Arina Perry Series

Everything is right in her world since the turmoil,  fear and trauma of last year passed. That is, until Arina learns Rebecca has gone missing. The hunt for her begins, leading Arina and Matt into dark and dangerous waters.

A body is found. The murder of a young man sparks rising fear and urgency in finding Rebecca alive. The clock is ticking for her safe return. Does time run out for Rebecca?

Then just when they thought they had it worked out they find out they are in a desperate fight for their own survival. Death is knocking on their door. Will they hear the knocking?  Will Matt be lost to her forever? Will Arina survive this time?


You can now get an e-book version of both or either book for any E-reader you own or grab yourself a free app. How good is that!

If you buy via Kobo as a new customer you get a $5 voucher so that makes one of my books just 60 cents or so. They have  heaps of free books and a reading App too. Well worth being a customer there.


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