Half way there…

Hey there all you people who are awaiting book three of the Arina Perry Series. I have a little news. I am half way through the first draft and pickin’ up speed!


It’s a brand new story to the series and promised to keep you riveted as Arina and Matt meet more trouble when they dive headlong into dark and very dangerous waters, with no clue how far into the unseen terror they’re travelling.

Even when writing this I cant believe how they will cope with the rising threat looming over them.  This is the last book in this series ( I think) so will they survive? Or will they live happily ever after?

As the brand new thriller progresses to the finishing line I will update you for pre-orders. In the meantime sit tight!

If you would like  a preview of the first few chapters (draft only) to read free. Visit this link. Naturally a review will be awesome! A review tells me and other potential readers what you thought of the preview and if you would like, love, hate to read more when the novel is released.


Both Novels – FREE!

3d-sins-finalHello,  I know a lot of you have already read my first novel The Sins of my Mothers and there’s still a few copies left for FREE if you haven’t, but its only FREE on this particular site .Today I launched Book II for you to read FREE as well. Click here if you haven’t read The sins of our Mothers . Then come back to get the link for book II Her Fathers Daughter.

Oh, and feel free to pass the links or this post or even this blog site onto your friends and family who also like reading.


her-fathers-daughterHER FATHERS’DAUGHTER – book II of the series is now available on this link and yes it’s FREE to read, but only on this site, so if you want to catch up, go grab a copy today while they last.

Book III will be out this year. So stay tuned if you like this series because it promised to be another mystery suspense that may just get those emotional juices flowing.Yes its a bit of a tear jerker.


Teaser for The Sins of our Mothers

Hey there, I’m feeling a little pleased with myself because I just mastered making a little 15 second teaser for my first novel. Feel free to spend 15 seconds to have a look and please let me know if you like it too in the comments below. Now I’m off to create another one for Book Two, so sign up and stay tuned. The link is below and on the book cover, but please come back here with your opinion, I can’t wait to hear from you! I feel sooo clever!

3d-sins-finalHere’s the LINK – it will take you to a new page so please come back


Are you a potential book writer?

Just the other day it dawned on me that a few people had asked me how I started to write books and how I did it all. So many people have books inside themselves but are too daunted with actually writing and publishing it. Don’t let this be YOU!

Have you got a great idea for a book? but don’t really know where to start?

I thought as much, so  I thought what a good idea to let people know how to go about it all and help them as much as I can. I had already drafted a list of topics to cover for this information on another site I created earlier. So if you’re interested in finding out how to start your own book  simply click the link to take you there. Follow the page for all the updates as it will end up being interactive amongst us all and you will want to keep up with the lessons within the chapters to get your book out there too. There is a comment section at the bottom of the page to ask all the questions you want and to request specific content be added to improve the list.

Follow the helpful advice and became a confident Author yourself!  I’ve been there and done it and can pass on all I’ve learned to help you not make the mistakes I have.


Even if I only end up helping one person to achieve their dream in writing a book, my work here will be done.

Feel free to share this post.

Here’s another one

Yes I know… I’m supposed to be working on book III of the Arina Perry Series but I took  a break for a few days. I’ve recently written a new short story to add to the anthology or compilation of short stories from before. Its called The Wedding Dress. Okay, so now that I have that out of my system I’ll be going back to the larger task at hand. I’ve only done 5 Chapters so I best stop dallying hey?


A compilation of four chic-lit stories. For those that love short stories.

Book one – Wishful Thinking

She had the winning lottery ticket – Finally, her passport out of hell

Book Two – A Grieving

A mother packs away her little girls room – It’s time to move on

Book Three – Perfume

She was out to get her man – No expense spared

Book Four – The Wedding Dress

It was her only son’s wedding- A posh affair and she had nothing to wear

I’ve set it up so you can just get  them individually – just the one little short story is all you want – or all in one. Its nice to have choices isn’t it?


A New Short Story

I know I am supposed to be working on my third novel to the Arina Perry Series, I know that, but I took a small diversion and wrote another short story a few days ago. I’ve added it to my collection of three, so now I have 4 short stories all with a little twist . I did it because, well because I just felt like it. I also did it because the other three have proved quite popular. People actually like them and told me so and  I didn’t realise how many people out there actually prefer short stories. You know, something to just while away a few minutes instead of dedicating sometimes days to reading a novel. So who am I to argue with that?  So there you have it and I hope to add to the anthology in time to come. I just gotta think up a scenario. Got any?


Anyway this is the cover and that rose on the front? It grew in my very own garden. Isn’t it beautiful.

I’ve published it to Amazon as a separate story because some people have already read the other three. But in case you haven’t you can get all four stories for 99 cents now. They are also in the lenders library at Amazon if you don’t have 99cents.


Link for The Wedding Dress


4-short-stories-cover    Link for Four Short Stories

My latest review

A big thank you to Shirley, a 90 year old reader who left behind her thoughts on both of my books today.

By Shirley a 90 year old reader of both books 21/01/2017
All I have read about Kitty Boys books,
yes I have read both already and they are awesome ,now I cannot wait for the 3rd one, while waiting for the 3rd one I am re reading both that I already have.
They are both exciting thrilling and an excellent read.- I am not going to say much as I would hate to give away too much.
These books of Kitty’s are so refreshingly different, and beautifully written, you would be sorry if you missed the opportunity, that I have been immensely lucky to have had the pleasure.

Which do you prefer?

Well that’s it for another year. With Christmas over, our bellies full of good food and our hearts with good cheer we move into the new year. May your 2017 be filled with many happy moments, may you gather more happy memories along the way and that your health is always good.

As the new year is here my personal plan is to write book III of the Arina Perry Series, I’ve started it and have absolutely no idea when it will be written ready to edit.But if you’re interested in it’s progress just follow this site and get updates when I post them.

I played around with some covers and want to know if you’ll be so kind as to indicate which set you like best please. Okay pretty please? Just say Black theme or Beach theme in the comments below form please or email it to me. (kitttyb2153@gmail.com)

Thanks 🙂 which-version-of-cover-do-you-prefer

Supporting Australian Women Authors

AWW2017 badge  I have Joined the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2017 to help spread the word about our talented Aussie women writers.If you love reading and like a challenge consider joining. You can nominate how many Australian women authors you plan to read in a year. You can also do reviews on your chosen reads  to add to their site and on Goodreads. There are thousands of books and genres to choose from so you’ll  never be bored.Check out the link on the picture.  I nominated to read 50, but you choose your own amount from 1- infinity. Happy reading for 2017!



If you’ve already read my two novels you can even start by adding those to this years list and stay tuned for book 3 in the series. If not please consider adding them to your list to read this year.  I have short stories, children’s books and well being books that qualify too.

Final one page  wheres-rebecca