Her Brother’s Keeper

Hello and welcome to my new work in progress on book III of the Arina Perry Series.

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A dead lawyer is discovered in her motels unit, evidence suggests suicide. With her marriage in turmoil and the sister of the deceased man begging her help, Arina finds herself on a murky and dangerous trail of lies, cover ups and deceit in the Australian finance sector along with a degree of sloppy police work.

Arina is warned and failed to heed the warnings. Her toddler Ben is kidnapped.  With her marriage to Matt leaving questions unanswered and her world turned to ashes, will she find her son? Will she evade being killed? Will she survive the threats, lies and deceit, but most of all will she survive the loss of her son? Find out and pre-order your copy today.

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She sat at her desk in the office of her flourishing motel across the road from a beach with pristine white sands. She loved the sound of the waves as they crashed onto the shore and took solace in her peaceful environment.

Peaceful that is until her door crashed open.

“Arina,” the intruder gasped as though she’d been running “You have to come now!”

Arina looked up from her desk as Hannah burst into her office red faced, eyes wild and her clenched fist at her mouth

Arina threw down her pen, pushed back her chair and stood to follow the girl as she turned back towards the door.

“Wait! What’s wrong? ”

But the girl was already gone.

Arina hurried after her and as she passed the reception desk, she told Angela; whose eyebrows were still raised after Hannah had passed, to alert her nanny Mel to keep an eye on Ben a little longer. Normally Arina took her two-year-old son Ben into town after her book work was done. But this looked like some kind of emergency she may have to deal with.

Knowing Hannah, who was a little highly strung at the best of times, Arina wondered if it was another burst pipe in one of her units. She’d had one just last week. That had been messy, very messy. But it was nothing that couldn’t be resolved.

As she went out the back kitchen door, Hannah turned back to her. The tears on her young face and hands still clenched into tight fists that were held by her heart told Arina that maybe this was a bit more than a burst water pipe.

“It’s in room sixteen Arina, a body… He’s… he’s dead!”

“Who’s dead? What are you saying, Hannah? Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? I have to call the police. “

Arina pulled out her mobile phone from the pocket in her slacks and dialled 000 the emergency number and thinking better of it disconnected the call and dialled for Inspector Jason Hall at the local police station.

Two rings and Hall answered.

“Hi there Arina, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

Hall and Arina had become firm friends in the year since her ordeal with the murders of Rebecca and Darren. A bond formed between them that not only came from the stress and damage created but from Hall’s personal need to protect Arina and help him get past the loss of his only daughter. His daughter had always been a secret sleuth; wanting to be like her dad and although her father had constantly discouraged this tendency in her; she none-the-less became involved in a crime involving drug dealers and was raped and murdered at the age of 22. This heartbreaking crime left Hall devastated with her loss and the subsequent end to his long time marriage. These losses embittered him and his normally placid demeanour changed into one of continually showing his rage and anger, he used intimidation and stand over tactics with his subordinates in the Police Department. This behaviour became an issue so he was eventually transferred from a very busy Perth Station to a nice quiet rural town. Quiet that is until he met Arina. He saw the same traits in Arina as his daughter possessed and found that he was unable to discourage her sleuthing either so the least he could do was protect her as well as he could. He grew to love her like a daughter and she reciprocated that affection and adopted him as her copper father. They had their arguments and Hall could get quite intimidating and brusque at times, but Arina never backed down with him and learned to stand her ground during that year of the murders. Lately, though, he was so much more pleasant to be around. He attended her marriage and was there within minutes of Ben’s birth; cradling the tiny little bundle of joy as tenderly as any mother would. This big, bad, bald headed man became Ben’s gentle caring and proud godfather. He often popped in to see how ‘his little Ben’ was doing, sometimes bringing toys that he was way too young for, especially the latest PlayStation. But then again old George wasn’t much better, he was there to see little Ben daily and took him for rides, once he could walk, on the lawn mowing tractor that did nothing but make Arina nervous.

“Hi Hall, it seems we have a dead man in one of our units. Care to come and have a look-see?”

“What? Are you kidding me Arina?”

“Not this time Jason. I haven’t been in the room yet but making my way there now.”

“Stay out of there! I’ll send a unit there this instant. Do you hear me Arina? I said stay. Out. Of. The room!”

“Too late Hall, I’ve just opened the door.”

“Stay out!” He yelled and Arina heard the phone call disconnect as she began to push open the door. She understood the need to stay out, but she could look in from the door, couldn’t she?

“Oh my God!”

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3 thoughts on “Her Brother’s Keeper

    • kittysbooks says:

      Thank you Shirley, so glad you like it so far. The chapter you read is a draft version but I’m glad it passed muster so far and has you intrigued. The e-book version is available to pre-order now and the paperbacks will be a little while yet. Thank you so much for your patience, I know you’re hanging out for this edition, so I’ll email you as soon as a launch date for the paperback is announced.
      Kind regards, Kitty Boyes


  1. Shirley Everingham says:

    I am also loving the cover, it sounds so intriguing ,really makes you wonder, and that I guess is what you need .I already read that first chapter .really looking forward to the rest, once people find you they will be like me ,so keen to read some more.

    Liked by 1 person

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